Homer Trails Alliance logo, with the text 'Connecting Community Through Trails


A smiling blonde woman wearing sunglasses, looking out over a river

Sandy Cronland, President

Arrived in Homer 40 years ago as a trained Union Carpenter looking for work. She found work, her ‘place’, and her husband, and together they built both their dream home and Twin Creeks Trailhead Lodge. She went on to a 38-year career as a massage/yoga/movement therapist. Sandy’s passion is human powered outdoor activity of any kind, and she is a daily trail user.
A woman in a colorful hat and a layered jacket, standing in front of a field of fireweed

Marcia Macone, Vice President

Homer resident for 42 years is a retired Mariner of 39 years, sailing as a captain. Her love of trails came from growing up on conservation land in the Boston area. She owns 107 acres of land that borders the Homestead Trail, purchased with the intent of developing trails for public use. She has worked with HSWCD rerouting motorized trails through Critical Habitat Areas, gaining valuable experience on how to manage wet trails.
A smiling woman standing on a trail, with a four-wheeler in the background. She is wearing protective gear and carrying a large power tool

Cameale Johnson, Treasurer

Is a 40-year Alaskan, 20 years in Homer, who retired from a 48-year hospital career where she primarily developed & implemented new clinical programs. She holds a PharmD and MBA in management. She simply transferred her management skills into the trails environment to fulfill her passion for promoting and developing trails on the northside of Kachemak Bay that are accessible to people of all ages and abilities.
A smiling man wearing a green winter coat sitting on a fallen log on snowy ground and surrounded by snowy trees. Next to him is a sign that reads 'Homestead Trail'. In front of him is a large Husky on a leash

Billy Day

Is a lifelong Alaskan dedicated to the outdoors who can build anything. He has made his living surveying around the state since 1975. He has been the owner and operator of an outdoor adventure program for teens and coached boys high school varsity basketball. He organizes the logistics of & coordinates construction on HTAs new trail projects. He spends his free time skiing and hiking in Alaska’s wild places.
A smiling grey-haired man wearing a blue plaid shirt. Behind him is a bright blue sky.

Charlie Barnwell

Is a life-long Alaskan, raised in Anchorage.  His parents instilled a life-long love of hiking and the outdoors. Growing up in Anchorage in the 1960s—1970s, Charlie developed an interest in trail building, including various trail systems such as Kincaid Park.  Charlie was a geologist working throughout Alaska. He later shifted careers to GIS mapping, something he loves to this day. Charlie moved to Homer with his wife Helen in 2017.
A red-haired woman with glasses, smiling. Next to her is the head of a large brown horse. Behind her is another horse, this one black with a white stripe down its face

Devony Lehner

With a Master’s degree in Environmental Biology, Devony Lehner has worked for many decades on natural resources planning with ADF&G, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Homer Soil and Water Conservation District establishing trail systems throughout Southcentral Alaska. Connecting people to the outdoors and to one another is her passion. Her work at the Independent Living Center helps increase access to outdoor recreation for people with disabilities.