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This map is the most recent presentation of a concept presented first in the 2000’s. A number of planners and real estate developers at that time developed the concept of a “greenway” in which trails would connect various parts of Homer. This Greenway is focused on a connection between eastern and western Homer. In this sense, the Greenway ties into HTA’s priority on a western Homer trail network, such as Homestead Trail System and Baycrest Recreational Area; as well as priority areas in Bear Canyon, Woodard Canyon, and the Streamhills area.

An open space and trail network such as is proposed on this map would provide the following benefits:

  • > An interconnected trail system
  • > Open space and wildlife corridors
  • > Enhanced recreation areas
  • > Increased values of private property
  • > Increases desirability of Homer as destination for trails, parks, and recreation
  • > Incentive for new developments to create open space and trails that connect to the greenway
  • > Creates a higher quality of life for Homer residents
  • > Creates alternative transportation options

NOTE: Pinch Points shown on the map are areas where trail access is blocked or has very limited access.