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Ray Clapp Trail

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A lovely walk on a nicely cleared and graded trail built for public access, but originally as an enhancement to the Stream Hill Park Subdivision. You can return on the same path or turn right when you come to a private drive and walk the road back to your car. Refer to the map on this website for locating yourself.

Access: Take East End Road 1.2 miles and turn left onto Compass Drive into the Stream Hill Park subdivision. You will see a parking area on your left. Don’t block the mailboxes at the south end. You’ll see the bridge where the gravel trail starts on the north end.

Note: this trail is still in development as far as easements.  Property owners in this area recognize this trail and are amenable to trail hikers, but easements are not formally in place. Please respect private property.

Distance: 0.5 miles one-way

Elevation Gain:  231 feet
Elevation at start: 173 feet
Elevation at end: 404 feet

Level of Difficulty/Grade: Easy gradual uphill on a well-maintained trail

Special Features:
Possible wildlife sightings include moose, black bear, spruce hens, and porcupines. Be moose and bear aware.
Creekside hiking in places
Forest (birch, spruce, alder)

Trail Management Agency: Stream Hill Park Homeowners Association. The trail is a fine example of a trail being incorporated into a subdivision’s original design.  The trail was named in memory of Ray Clapp who loved the trail and did much of the land development construction for the subdivision.